When Sasha Klein was 31 years old, she found a lump in her breast. After being screened at MD Anderson in Sugar Land, Klein was told she had an aggressive form of breast cancer. Klein's mother, Irma Klink, and both of her aunts had also been diagnosed with breast cancer years before—which took the life of one of her aunts.

Klein went through 16 rounds of chemotherapy in six months and had a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Early in her treatment, Klein and her mother went shopping for a wig in the Texas Medical Center. Although she eventually bought a wig, Klein said the store was a depressing experience, and the only thing that made it bearable for her was her mother's sense of humor.

"We saw that these people needed a nice place they could go that is private and more affordable," Klink said. "It makes a big difference."

As Klein's treatment progressed, the pair began talking about a business idea that would help cancer patients find the beauty and lifestyle services they need in a more comfortable, affordable setting.

After Klein's treatment ended, the mother-daughter duo opened Cure & Company in mid-2013. Their business offers boutique items, clothing and accessories along with a full array of spa services specifically tailored for cancer patients.

"After this kind of diagnosis, you can feel so overwhelmed and you want to just move on," Klein said. "At first impression, this is a boutique, but it is a place that can help people [with cancer] that is run by people who have gone through it. By the time we put on [our client's] makeup and a wig that makes them feel confident, they feel this is something they can do."

Klein worked in spas and salons throughout Houston for more than eight years before opening her business. She wanted to incorporate her experience in the beauty industry at the new business. At Cure & Company, clients can receive facials, makeup services, eyelash extensions and other services.

"We try to cater to everyone," Klein said. "I always stress the importance that if you look good, you feel better."

As business has continued to grow, so has the store's line of products. Cure & Company offers all-natural hygiene products, healthy living literature and several lines of beauty products from local vendors and farms.

"From different people's recommendations, our store has been growing," Klein said. "We want to have a one-stop shop for cancer patients."

In addition to a full line of beauty and lifestyle products, clothing and accessories, Klein and Klink provide beauty services to each of their clients on an individual basis.

"Our level of service depends of when we see [the customer] and what will help them feel better," Klein said. "We sit down and listen to their concerns and fears. We let them know we are survivors and that they can get through it."

Paying it forward

When a customer pays for any beauty service at Cure & Company, a service is donated to a client undergoing chemotherapy.

"When you get one, you give one," said Sasha Klein, co-owner of Cure & Company. "You can come here and leave looking absolutely fabulous, but you can also give back to someone else."

Tips to help prevent cancer

An estimated 1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.S. each year, according to the American Cancer Society. It is projected that cancer will cause about 585,720 deaths in 2014.

Eating and living healthy is a good way to help combat cancer, according to the ACS. Tips include:

Eat organic foods

Exercise regularly

Drink fresh-squeezed juices

Reduce acidic foods to help alkalize your body—this helps keep blood pressure low and improves bones and the digestive system

Consume plenty of foods high in anti-oxidants, such as natural cranberry juice and turmeric powder

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