1. Hwy. 242 and I-45

The Hwy. 242 direct-connect projects include a northbound flyover traveling to eastbound Hwy. 242, ending at Maverick Way near Lone Star College-Montgomery, as well as a westbound flyover traveling to southbound I-45, ending south of Hwy. 242. Rick Kronenberger, project manager for PTP Transportation, said no date has been set as to when steel beams would be placed over I-45 at Hwy. 242 onto the support columns, but construction crews have begun preparing for the installation. Kronenberger said when the beams are put into place, lanes on I-45 would need to be closed. He said, however, the entire freeway would not be shut down. For more information about the project, visitwww.sh242dc.com.

Timeline: Construction is estimated to be complete by the end of the year.

Cost: $33.9 million

Funding sources: TxDOT, Montgomery County Precinct 2

2. Woodlands Parkway at Kuykendahl Road

Montgomery County Precinct 3 is extending several turn lanes to improve traffic flow. The project includes extending eastbound and westbound left- and right-turn lanes on Woodlands Parkway onto Kuykendahl Road, and the northbound left-turn lane on Kuykendahl Road onto Woodlands Parkway.

Timeline: Construction is estimated to be complete by the end of the year.

Cost: $700,000

Funding source: Montgomery County Precinct 3

3. Woodlands Parkway expansion

This project includes widening the westbound lanes of Woodlands Parkway from just west of Grogan's Mill Road to East Panther Creek Drive, over Lake Woodlands. The project is on hold after TxDOT revoked the bond of the contractor, Menade Inc. and is now in default with no estimated completion date. It has been turned over to Fidelity Insurance, which could choose a new contractor or put the project out to bid again.

Timeline: No estimated completion date

Cost: $3.6 million

Funding sources: The Woodlands Road Utility District, TxDOT

4. Kuykendahl Road extension

This project includes extending two lanes of Kuykendahl Road from Alden Bridge Drive, to Crownridge Drive, completing a half-mile segment of Kuykendahl Road through The Woodlands.

Timeline: The project begins in September.

Cost: $3.1 million

Funding source: TxDOT

5. SJRA Groundwater Reduction Plan

The San Jacinto River Authority is installing pipelines throughout The Woodlands and Oak Ridge North as part of its Groundwater Reduction Plan.

A. Pipeline construction along portions of Grogan's Mill Road is scheduled to be completed in September and October. Construction on pipeline at the Grogan's Mill Road intersections with Millpark Drive and Sawmill Road has been stopped temporarily because of the start of the Conroe ISD school year and will resume in October. The intersections will remain open throughout construction.

Timeline: To be completed in September or October

B. Pipeline installation along a 1-mile stretch of Research Forest Drive between Greenbridge Drive and West Trillium Circle has been completed with the exception of some shoulder restoration. The section was completed in time for students to return to The Woodlands High School uninterrupted.

Timeline: Complete

Cost: $550 million

Funding source: SJRA

6. Lake Woodlands Drive grade separation

An overpass or underpass is planned to be constructed on Lake Woodlands Drive at Grogan's Mill Road.

Timeline: TBD

Cost: $6 million

Funding sources: The Woodlands RUD, Montgomery County. Pct. 3, Township

7. Kuykendahl road expansion

This project includes widening Kuykendahl Road from two lanes to four lanes between Flintridge Drive to just north of Fazio Way. The project also includes construction of lanes over Spring Creek.

Timeline: Construction will begin in early 2015 and will take about a year to complete.

Projected cost: $5.5 million

Funding sources: Montgomery County Precinct 3, Harris County Precinct 4, The Woodlands Road Utility District

8. Grand Parkway

Three segments—sections F1, F2 and G—totaling 37 miles are under construction on Houston's third outer loop. The local segments stretch from Hwy. 290 to Hwy. 59 and feature major overpasses and interchanges at Hwy. 290, Hwy. 249 and I-45. Construction is requiring several lane closures and traffic diversions on the feeder roads between FM 2920 and the Hardy Toll Road. For more information on the latest lane closures and diversions, visitwww.grandparkway99.com.

Timeline: Expected completion date is December 2015

Cost: $1 billion

Funding source: TxDOT

9. Turn lane improvements

Fifteen intersections throughout The Woodlands will see the addition of extended or extra turn lanes designed to improve traffic flow. The extensions will be located at intersections primarily along Research Forest Drive, Lake Woodlands Drive and Woodlands Parkway.

Timeline: 12–18 months

Cost: $5.4 million

Funding sources: The Woodlands RUD, Montgomery County Precinct 3