From the Katy Editor – June 2014


We know that neighbors stand in their driveways and in line at the grocery store to talk about what’s happening on their streets. It’s our aim to contribute reliable information to those conversations. But our local focus shouldn’t be confused with nearsightedness. Often communities have things in common and those driveway conversations benefit from an outside perspective.

Both of our lead stories this month are about developments that could be keenly important to this community. Both stories benefited from a look outward at other communities that have been where we may be headed.

In her story on the city of Katy’s proposed boardwalk and convention center, Kelli Ainsworth diligently reported details of the project. But she also went a step further. In researching the story, she was reminded of a similar project in League City years ago. Kelli reached out to officials in that city to see what they learned from the experience.

Similarly, in learning about Katy Mills and substantial changes that may be in the works for the nearly 15-year-old mall, I looked to broader trends in retail centers as well as one particular set of major renovations announced earlier this summer for a similar property in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Katy’s brand of growth is not unique, but it is certainly its own. Looking outward often gives us a more nuanced view of ourselves. There is real value in looking outside of the silo—or in Katy’s case, the rice driers—and taking in the broader landscape.

Nick Cenegy, Editor,

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