Imagination comes to life at local store

For business owner Jeremy Bulloch, comics and games are more than a hobby—they are a life choice. About three years ago, Bulloch and his wife, Annie, dreamed of opening 8th Dimension Comics and Games. They began looking for a location for their store that would service the imagination and fulfill the needs of an untapped market.

"We wanted to open our store in an area that didn't have [a store] like ours already. It turned out we found a spot in our own backyard," Bulloch said. "We were able to introduce these products to people living in the area. We are walking distance from a lot of businesses, churches and schools, so we have become a neighborhood comic store."

During their opening weeks, Bulloch filled the shelves with his own personal collections and products. The store's inventory continues to grow with time as Bulloch continuously searches for new items to carry. The business offers more than 3,800 individual comics, games, paints and pieces for customers to peruse, complete with new releases, vintage collectibles, distinctive games and a section devoted entirely to kid-friendly books and comics.

"Since we are a new business building our reputation, product knowledge is very important," Bulloch said. "Shipments come in every Tuesday, and I make sure to not only read every item, but type a report and post it to the website."

Along with newly released pop-culture comic book issues, 8th Dimension offers an extensive selection of vintage comic books dating as far back as the 1960s, many of which are part of a collectible series. Shelves also contain complete multi-issue compilations for customers searching for that evasive missing piece in their collection.

"We try to establish a relationship with our returning customers," Bulloch said. "This is the backbone to any business like ours. My goal is for every person who comes in here to leave with something they think is awesome."

The store opens at 11 a.m. everyday, but closing hours vary. Bulloch often hosts different gaming events that sometimes last until midnight, he said. With shipments arriving weekly, new comics go on sale each Wednesday. Bulloch keeps the doors open until at least 9 p.m. to allow those who work during the week and live in the suburbs a chance to stop in and browse, he said.

"We want this to be the store that does cool stuff," Bulloch said. "In our gaming room, we let customers try out anything they want. We run lots of special events in our gaming room and in the community. These events are what our customers really dig."

Weekly subscribers

8th Dimension offers customers access to a subscriber service. Subscription services include:

  • Weekly reminders of new releases
  • Recommendations for similar products from store owner Jeremy Bulloch
  • 10 percent off cover price
  • "Experience Points" for every $10 spent in gaming department

8th Dimension Comics and Games, 8475 Hwy. 6 N., Ste. C-2, Houston, 281-856-6506,