October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and FamilyTime Crisis and Counseling Center in Humble is working to spread awareness of the services it provides to victims of domestic abuse.

The center, which opened in 1977, offers services aimed at assisting individuals and families in abusive relationships, including support classes, case management services and a temporary shelter that can house victims of domestic abuse for 60-90 days, said Christina Allen, FamilyTime Crisis and Counseling Center CEO.

The center also offers anger management, parenting and divorce classes as well as counseling services for couples, families and children. Group counseling sessions are also available, which Allen said can help individuals open up about their struggles.

“By nature, human beings have a tribal mentality, and we thrive on knowing that we’re not the only ones dealing with certain things,” she said. “It’s often easier to sit in a room full of complete strangers and share your story than it is to maybe tell it one-on-one to someone.”

While Allen said many people only think of abuse as physical violence, abuse can take on several different forms.

“Verbal abuse is one of the most common forms of domestic violence, but for a long time, people did not recognize that as violence and abuse,” Allen said. “Words hurt. Words cut deep.”

Allen also pointed to emotional abuse—which involves controlling another person by using emotions to criticize, embarrass, shame, blame or manipulate them—as another form of abuse.

“We’ve heard some survivors share with us that they would rather [experience] the physical abuse than the emotional abuse because the emotions just sit there within them,” she said.

Allen said she is hopeful FamilyTime Crisis and Counseling Center will be able to help educate the public about all forms of domestic abuse and provide victims with the assistance and tools they need to escape abusive relationships.

“In October, people are going to start receiving mail-outs from us with some information and facts,” she said. “Hopefully, [the mail-outs will] bring awareness to people that may not have realized what those numbers actually look like and how many people are in need of help right here.”

FamilyTime Crisis and Counseling Center

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