Humble City Council members approved $39,757 in waterline improvements to the Rankin Road and South Houston Avenue intersection following the discovery of additional work necessary to complete the water line in Humble.

What you need to know

The project was originally done as part of a Chapter 380 agreement between the city of Humble and PortNorth 59, an industrial complex managed by Phelan Development. The agreement outlined PortNorth 59 would utilize $73,669 from the city to construct road and waterline improvements to Rankin Road along the industrial park.

City Manager Jason Stuebe said additional project costs related to the water line replacement and improvements on Rankin Road at South Houston Avenue were identified by PortNorth 59 to complete the project, however the cost of the improvements exceeded the $7,366 included in contingency funds by the city for the project.

“We identified together with the developer several improvements that could be made to their original plans that added additional costs that surpass the 10% contingency that we had placed in the 380 agreement,” Stuebe said.

The cost

As part of the original agreement, the city is responsible for paying half of any additional costs from the project beyond the original $73,669 grant from the city.

Under the revised agreement, in addition to the contingency funds, council approved another $15,218 to complete waterline improvements along the PortNorth 59 development; the remaining $17,173 of the $39,757 total will be paid by the developer.What’s next?

Construction on Rankin Road was completed in 2023; however, the water line and storm sewer improvements are still ongoing and heavily dependent upon good weather conditions to move forward. PortNorth 59 will continue construction on the improvements with city oversight.