Harris County purchased 19 acres to create a new park in Atascocita. Harris County purchased 19 acres to create a new park in Atascocita.[/caption]

Harris County Precinct 2 purchased 19 acres in February to create a nature-themed park in Atascocita.

The property is located just south of the intersection of West Lake Houston and Will Clayton parkways and has a natural 2-acre pond on it. The county spent $4.3 million on the land purchase.

The new park allows the county to preserve green space in an area that is experiencing explosive growth, said Jeremy Phillips, Harris County Precinct 2 senior director of infrastructure.

"We tear down trees all the time for roads. Now we get to save a few and maybe plant a few,” Phillips said.

Harris County will begin construction on the $3.2 million Phase I early in 2018, Phillips said. This initial project will include a parking lot and walking trails, he said.

The park could include several trails, a boardwalk over the lake and meeting space in a clubhouse. However, Precinct 2 is soliciting community feedback during the design process.

“Our initial effort is to get something that’s a little bit different than just an athletic park or your standard playground equipment,” Phillips said.“It may be a multi-phase approach… but we’re committed to developing this."