The Focaccia Bakery is now serving fresh-baked European bread and Mexican pastries in the Kingwood area.

Owned by siblings Mariana Godilo and Mario Morales—and their spouses, Stefan Mikhailovich Godilo and Zhanna Morales, respectively—The Focaccia Bakery began as a vendor at the Kingwood Farmers Market. According to Mariana Godilo, Stefan Mikhailovich Godilo has been working for more than eight years on his focaccia recipe—a process that takes close to two days.

"Our goals are to bring authentic European bread to America, to bring a product that is not frozen, to commit to provide bread not just freshly baked, but freshly made every day," Mariana Godilo said in an email.

Now with a brick-and-mortar location in Kingwood, the bakery offers focaccia in a range of sizes and with various toppings; sandwiches made with fresh focaccia bread; and bunuelos, a traditional fried Mexican pastry covered with cinnamon and sugar.