Since opening Burger Buzz in Humble in January 2020, owner Said Rastegar has already had to overcome more setbacks than he anticipated, but that hasn’t stopped him from pushing forward.

Rastegar initially opened the burger joint, which lets customers combine any of the items on the menu to create their own custom-made dishes, in Deerbook Mall.

“We were there for about six weeks and, unfortunately, my store caught on fire,” Rastegar said. “By the time we recovered, [the COVID-19 pandemic] happened.”

According to Rastegar, business started to pick up in 2021, but he decided to relocate the restaurant the following year after deciding against renewing his contract with the mall.

In July 2022, Rastegar reopened Burger Buzz on Hwy. 59 in Humble, noting business has consistently trended upward since opening the new location.

The Burger Buzz menu mainly consists of burgers, chicken wings, fish, sandwiches and finger foods, but Rastegar said almost everything on the menu can be combined to create a unique customized meal.

“Whatever they want, we do,” Rastegar said, noting he had recently cooked a 2-pound burger that was so large it had to be triple wrapped in foil. “We don’t say no. We build everything for you.”

Rastegar said all of the ingredients used at the restaurant—outside of a few exceptions like french fries and corndogs—are fresh, never frozen. He also noted the menu contains veggie and turkey burgers as well as halal options.

In addition to the dining options, Rastegar said Burger Buzz offers a selection of craft beer and wine.

“These are exclusive wine [options],” Rastegar said, noting he imports the wine from a small manufacturer in Italy. “You can’t buy these in any store.”

Rastegar said he’s aiming to create an inviting atmosphere at the restaurant where customers feel like they can hang out for a while outside on the patio or in front of the televisions at the bar.

“We call it a very cozy place, a really relaxing place,” he said, adding he plans to extend the restaurant’s weekend hours in the fall and potentially have live music on the outdoor patio at night.

Looking to the future, Rastegar said he hopes to expand the business throughout the Greater Houston area.

“The goal is to be franchised,” he said. “First, we have to find the right way to manage everything. When we manage our business, manage our payroll, manage our food costs, then we’ll be ready for expansion.”

More than anything, Rastegar said he takes pride in watching his customers enjoy their meals.

“A lot of the customers that come in, they hug us. They say, ‘Thank you,’” Rastegar said. “That’s all that matters.”

Burger Buzz

20845 Hwy. 59 N., Ste. 200, Humble


Hours: 11 a.m.-9 p.m. daily