Andrew Landry had been impressing his family and friends with his unique spin on crawfish long before he decided to venture into the restaurant industry.

“I’ve cooked crawfish for well over 20 years,” Landry said. “Every week, we would do crawfish, and the whole neighborhood would come over. Even back then, they would say, ‘Man, you need to get a restaurant.’”

After a first-place finish at a local crawfish competition in 2021, Landry finally took their advice.

Landry opened Juicy Heads & Spicy Tails in Humble in April 2022. The eatery serves up Cajun staples, including catfish, gumbo, etouffee, frog legs and, of course, crawfish.

“We have the special blend, which is full of flavor with a little kick for the people who really don’t like the spice but love crawfish,” Landry said. “Then, we have the spicy, which is nose-running, lips-burning, eyes-watering.”

While the eatery does not have a liquor license, patrons are allowed to bring their own drinks and can enjoy complimentary margaritas and daiquiris, Landry said. The restaurant also serves as a space for members of Landry’s nonprofit—Where Men Hurt—to meet and hold conferences. The nonprofit, which launched in 2018, is designed to give men a platform to talk about life issues in a safe, nonjudgmental setting.

“We look at the places where men hurt—mental health, finances, relationships,” Landry said. “We talk about those issues of life, and we give them advice or interact with them so that they can figure out what plan works best for their situation.”

While Landry said he has already had a lot of requests to expand the business to different areas, he would need to wait a little longer before making any decisions.

Nearly one year later, Landry said he has found more than enough to be happy about with his first restaurant.

“My favorite part is watching people leave happy,” Landry said. “When people come, they’re going to have a great time, and that’s what we’re here for.”

Juicy Heads & Spicy Tails

1502 First St. E., Ste. G, Humble


Hours: Tue.-Thu. and Sun. 11 a.m.-7 p.m., Fri.-Sat. 11 a.m.-8 p.m., closed Mon.