After living in the Kingwood area for about five years, Mia Cheng took ownership of Hella Bubble’s new Kingwood location in April.

“We love bubble tea so much and want to share Taiwan's bubble milk tea culture with local friends,” Cheng said.

Hella Bubble is a modern tea franchise with four locations. including its original shop located in River Oaks as well locations in The Heights, San Antonio and Kingwood.

The details

The brand Hella Bubble was founded by Titan Huang in April 2019 to offer a variety of handcrafted Taiwanese bubble tea.

“As a Taiwanese, bubble tea is very common in Taiwan, and the best bubble tea should be from Taiwan. Hella Bubble tries to provide the best quality and yummy drinks to customers,” Huang said.

Huang said the Hella Bubble brand is unique because its bubble tea ingredients and products are imported from Taiwan. This includes its tea, boba, sugar, cups, straws and lids.

What's on the menu?

Hella Bubble Kingwood and its other three locations offer modern tea, such as fruit teas; milk teas; smoothies; and drink toppings, including boba and homemade milk foam. Other toppings include red bean, aloe vera, egg pudding, mango jelly, grass jelly, lychee jelly and ice cream.

At the bubble tea shop, tapioca products are imported from Taiwan, and tapioca is cooked daily through a process that takes up to an hour, Assistant Manager Ryan Che said.

Hella Bubble provides customers with a standard menu consisting of Hella Bubble’s top 10 favorite teas, including hot and noncaffeinated options. Customers can also customize their drinks and select the amount of ice they prefer as well as the level of sugar desired.

Cheng said Hella Bubble’s most popular menu items include its Hella Bubble milk tea, taro milk tea, Thai tea, and mango and passion fruit green tea.