For Kena Amber, the chance to open her own bakery came at one of the most inopportune moments of her life.

“Back in June, I was diagnosed with breast cancer,” Amber said. “Just weeks later, we had the opportunity to get this bakery.”

Despite the diagnosis, Amber decided to take on the challenge and opened Loven Bakery in July.

“I asked God, ‘Why now?’” Amber said. “I think my inner voice replied, ‘Because now, you are taking care of yourself.’”

Loven Bakery offers a variety of made-to-order treats, including cakes, cookies, cupcakes and cake pops. Amber noted orders can be customized to create almost anything her customers can think up.

“I’ve enjoyed baking and decorating my whole life,” she said. “That was my passion.”

Due to her cancer diagnosis, Amber said the transition from baking as a hobby to a fully fledged business has been difficult, but she noted she has been able to become more involved in the day-to-day operations since completing her treatment.

“After radiation [therapy] and after everything, I’m good now, and I’m healthy,” Amber said. “I’m 100% dedicated to this business now.”

In addition to selling baked goods, Amber said Loven Bakery also offers baking classes throughout the month at the store.

Amber also noted Loven Bakery will soon expand its inventory to include baking supplies, including mixing bases, boxes, flavoring, piping bags and other tools needed for patrons to bake their own goods at home.

Looking back at the past year, Amber said she knows she made the right decision when she sees a happy customer.

“Whenever we see the customers’ faces when they see their cakes and they say, ‘Wow, this is perfect,’ we love that,” Amber said.

Custom-made creations

Loven Bakery in Humble offers residents the chance to see their custom-made orders come to life. Here are a few tips to help with custom orders.

Tip 1: Contact Loven Bakery through one of its social media pages or by calling the business directly at least one week in advance of the desired pickup date.

Tip 2: If patrons want something specific they have seen online, be sure to include a photo for reference.

Tip 3: If no photos are available, include a detailed description of the desired product.

Tip 4: Try to put in larger or more complex orders at least two weeks in advance to ensure the staff has enough to time to complete the process.

Loven Bakery

5332 FM 1960, Ste. B, Humble


Hours: Mon.-Fri. 10 a.m.-6 p.m., closed Sat.-Sun.