Larry Fleming opened Accurate Home Services in Porter in 1999. The business provides a number of home-related services, including pest control, home inspections, home design and construction contracting. Fleming offered the following tips to help property owners keep pests under control.

What signs may indicate an infestation?

While we would recommend a professional that is trained to look for the signs of infestation, there are some indicators that would be good for the homeowner to watch for so the infestation can be limited. For example, mud tubes on the exterior foundation, trails observed in the paper side of sheetrock, the presence of wings in windowsill areas, wood rot and damaged wood can all be indicators of a deeper issue, such as the presence of termites. Make sure to note any changes that are happening around the house so a potential problem can be identified earlier.

Are there any weather conditions that tend to drive pests inside homes?

Most bugs need some amount of moisture to survive, so if it is extremely dry on the exterior, it will drive bugs to the interior. If it is extremely wet on the exterior, it can also affect the presence of bugs because in some cases, the bugs are looking for a drier habitat. Rodents are also affected by cold weather, which will typically drive them to the interior of a house or an attic space seeking warmer shelter. Rodent exclusion work is needed to keep the rodents from entering most attic spaces.

What risks do pests pose?

The risks for homeowners can vary based on the type of problem. A termite infestation can do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage if left untreated. Cockroaches are known to spread diseases as is also true with the presence of rodents. Some of these diseases can be quite dangerous.

Can infestations that go unchecked spread to nearby property?

Infestations left unchecked can move to adjoining properties. That is why apartment complexes struggle so much with infestation issues in many cases. For the typical homeowner, however, we would recommend treating and creating a barrier on the exterior of the home to keep bugs from the ground around the structure or from nearby structures from entering one’s own home.

What preventive measures would you recommend?

The best preventative measures for keeping insects or pests from one’s home is to keep trash and debris cleaned from around the structure. Place any dog food or other foods in sealed containers and keep the kitchen clean. There are also methods of mechanical control to help with termites such as leaving a four-inch-by-six-inch slab exposure between the finished grade and the siding on the house. This makes termites have to work harder to enter the structure.

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