Humble SportsPlex is not a typical sports venue.

It has athletic fields, but they are referred to as pitches and paddocks, depending on the sport being played. It has fairways and greens, but one would be hard pressed to find any golf balls soaring through the air.

Instead, when somebody yells “fore,” patrons need to be on the lookout for flying discs and soccer balls.

Humble SportsPlex is home to a number of sporting options, including two foot-golf courses, one disc-golf course, two athletic fields that can be leased for various sports and a fishing pond.

According to Justin Kincheloe, who opened the sports complex with his wife, Beth Kincheloe, in October 2019, foot golf and disc golf each offer a unique spin on traditional golf.

While both sports play out exactly like traditional golf, Justin said patrons either choose a disc or a soccer ball and launch their tool of choice from a tee box toward a hole marked by a large flag or pin.

“The sole purpose of opening [Humble SportsPlex] was to give back to the community and offer them something they can do that’s fun, inexpensive and recreational,” Justin said, noting a round of foot golf runs $15 per person and a round of disc golf costs $5 per person at Humble SportsPlex. “Golf is an expensive sport.”

Humble SportsPlex offers an 18-hole course that is used for both disc and foot golf and a nine-hole foot-golf course designed for beginners. Justin said the 18-hole course offers plenty of challenges for foot-golf players, including the professionals who regularly play the course.

“I tried to make it a bit more challenging,” Justin said. “[Hole] No. 2 is a really tough one because it’s on the side of a hill. If you don’t hit it just right, it’s going to roll down to the bottom. It will just ruin your day.”

In addition to the courses, Justin said the sports complex also features a pair of athletic fields—or pitches, as he calls them—that can be used for a variety of sports, though he noted the idea behind the fields was to give the community a chance to play international sports, such as rugby and Australian football.

Looking to the future, Justin said he hopes to expand the sports complex’s bar, bring in a food truck and increase its live music offerings. He also said he is working to host the Highland Games, an annual event that celebrates Scottish and Celtic culture through a variety of games.

“The sky’s the limit,” he said.

Humble SportsPlex

2107 N. Houston Ave., Humble


Hours: Mon.-Tue., Thu.-Fri. 1-6 p.m.; Wed. 1-8 p.m.; Sat. 9 a.m.-8 p.m.; Sun. 10:30 a.m.-6 p.m.