When Paco Pops co-owner Francisco Sanchez was 13 years old, he moved from Guadalajara, Mexico, to work at his aunt’s popsicle shop in Chihuahua.

For six years, Sanchez worked with his cousin, making the pops from scratch.After getting in a serious car accident in 2018 that left Sanchez unable to continue working in construction, he said he thought back to when he was younger and dreamed of opening a shop like his aunt’s.

“It’s what I always wanted to do—to open my own business—and I know how to do ice cream and popsicles,” he said.

Exactly one year after his accident in 2019, Sanchez opened Paco Pops, an artesian frozen pop and ice cream shop, on Loop 494 in Porter. The shop also serves Mexican-style snacks, including bionicos—or fruit cocktails—and more than 60 cream- and water-based pop flavors.

The shop features more than 60 pop flavors, including Gansito and avocado, which can be dipped in rich Mexican chocolate and coated in a variety of toppings. Sanchez said the shop also collaborates with local businesses to source unique ingredients for the pops.

The shop also offers 20 handmade ice creams and one sorbet. Ice cream flavors include the cookie monster made with Chips Ahoy cookies, Oreos and vanilla ice cream. Sanchez said the variety of sweets and the authentic flavors keep customers coming back.

“I always say that coming to Paco Pops is like taking a trip around the world one popsicle at a time,” he said. “Coming up with new flavors is a combination of me mixing ingredients in the kitchen or feedback from customers.”

Although his aunt has not had a chance to visit his new shop due to the coronavirus, Sanchez said he knows his aunt is proud of what he has created.

“Oh, she’s happy,” he said. “She’s proud.”

Paco Pops

24022 Loop 494, Ste. C, Porter



Hours: Mon.-Sun. noon-9 p.m.