Ingenious Brewing Co. brings unconventional flavors, ingredients to Humble area


At the end of their 100-hour weeks during medical school, Justin Gyorfi and Mike Broderick had time for little else besides grabbing a beer.

The brewery scene in the Northeast U.S. was nothing like what he was used to in Texas, Gyorfi said. So once Gyorfi finished his residency in Pennsylvania, he and Broderick sought to create that environment with Ingenious Brewing Co. in Humble.

“We wanted to bring that … rotating, small-batch vibe where it changes all the time to this area because that didn’t exist [in Texas],” Gyorfi said.

Gyorfi, a Houston native, returned to the area to practice urology and is a surgeon by day in Kingwood. Broderick, a Pennsylvania native who was a home brewer at the time, proposed the idea of starting their own brewery to Gyorfi in 2013.

The duo founded the brewpub—which is a pub that brews its own beer for sale on the premises—the following year, and Broderick moved to Texas shortly thereafter.

“He knew nothing of Texas, but he knew how to brew beer,” Gyorfi said of his co-owner.

Ingenious Brewing Co. first opened in March 2018, several years after the company formed. Before they could sell their brews on-site, the owners served samples at The Hop Stop in Humble. Now, the dog-friendly brewpub features 24 taps, indoor and outdoor seating, and an array of independently owned food trucks that rotate at the business.

Gyorfi said they decided to open in Humble because they felt northeast Houston was underserved in terms of businesses, entertainment and restaurants. They also wanted to introduce the area to small-batch, rotating, homemade craft brews that aim to push the envelope with unconventional flavors, Gyorfi said.

Ingenious Brewery’s signature trait, though, is its nontraditional ingredients. Of the mid-June tap selections, the brews consist of ingredients from fruit and pastries to peanut butter. As Gyorfi puts it, Ingenious is “the ice cream shop of breweries,” where virtually everyone can find a beer they like.

“Our beers read like the menu at a Baskin-Robbins,” Gyorfi said. “Say you hated every beer you’ve ever had. I would challenge that I would be able to find a beer that we have on tap that you would like.”

Ingenious Brewing Co.
1986 S. Houston Ave., Humble
Hours: Mon.-Thu. 4-10 p.m., Fri.-Sat. noon-10 p.m., Sun. noon-9 p.m.

5 Tips for the Ingenious newcomer

Justin Gyorfi, co-owner of Ingenious Brewing Co., said the brewpub has at least one brew for everyone. He offered tips for newcomers when picking a beverage:

  1. The beers taste like they are named, so trust the name.
  2. Not every IPA is bitter—so do not rule them out.
  3. Be open-minded.
  4. Ask a bartender for recommendations and samples based on flavor preferences.
  5. Do not go by subjective characterizations such as “sour” or “stout.”
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