At a Feb. 7 meeting, Fort Bend County relinquished a more than 23-acre enclosed plat of land in Precinct 1—bordered by I-10 to the north, Cane Island Parkway to the east and Kingsland Boulevard to the south—to the city of Houston for a project included in the city’s major thoroughfare and freeway plan.

The limited purpose annexation of 23.34 acres of land in Katy, as specified by the 2022 MTFP map, was a necessary acquisition in the city of Houston’s plan to construct a boulevard thoroughfare through the acreage, said Ike Akinwande, the county's assistant engineer. A limited purpose annexation means the area is in Houston's extraterritorial jurisdiction, thus not all of the city's regulations apply within the designated area.

"A large portion of Fort Bend County lies within the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the city of Houston," Akinwande said in an email. "As such, the city, by state law, is able to extend their subdivision and major thoroughfare plan requirements within this area outside their city limits. The major thoroughfare and freeway plan implemented by the city of Houston dictates the general location of thoroughfares (existing and proposed) to ensure sufficient vehicular traffic in the region."

The construction of the boulevard does not yet have a set timeline, Houston's Chief Transportation Planner David Fields said in an email.

“Houston’s Major Throughfare and Freeway Plan identifies the long-term roadway network for the city and its extraterritorial jurisdiction," he said. "As land is planned for development, the space for the roadway network is dedicated. The MTFP map does not include a specific project, timeline, budget or funder."

This work should come at no cost to the county, Akinwande said.

Per the city of Houston’s policy statement which was updated in early March, the MTFP is used to provide guidance for projects that improve mobility and accessibility to a large number of people who reside and work in the Greater Houston area.

The upcoming schedule for the plan includes an in-person and virtual workshop and planning commission meeting May 11, a virtual open house June 14, and a public hearing and planning commission meeting July 27.