The city of Fulshear and Fort Bend County Public Transit have been collaborating on the Fulshear Transit Feasibility Study since August 2019. Now, they are looking to solidify timelines, secure funding, and identify costs for upcoming short- and long-range projects to increase mobility. Those projects include local and regional commuter bus networks, new park and ride centers and vanpool services.

Though officials said progress was halted due to the pandemic, a final report completed in February 2021 outlined goals for the future of Fulshear’s transportation system—but now those plans are in flux due to the pandemic’s influence on mobility since the study was conducted.

Fulshear Economic Development Director Herman Rodriguez said the study aims to engage taxpayers, aid in funding opportunities, allow for budget planning to identify timelines for implementation and to identify stakeholders for their roles in communication and planning.

One of the two short-range projects that had to be in place before planning long-range projects can begin was the construction of the $55 million Texas Heritage Parkway, a 6.4-mile roadway with 10 roundabouts, which was completed in the spring, Rodriguez said.

The other short-range project is a proposed Fort Bend Park & Ride from Cinco Ranch to various employment destinations in the area.

“The [Fort Bend Park & Ride] project is still being evaluated and anticipated for 2024,” Rodriguez said. “The study was conducted pre-COVID-19, and post-COVID-19 supply chain issues have created some delays, but we continue to monitor migration patterns for further implementation and enhancements.”

Costs for the park and ride and other long-range projects are still being determined as stakeholders consider the volume change of residents who work from home, Rodriguez said.

The study cites federal and state monies with a local match for funding these projects; however, Fort Bend Public Transit will be responsible for implementation.