Isikel, a woman-owned business that produces, manufactures and distributes medical supplies such as nitrile gloves and saline solutions, plans to expand its capabilities for production at the 196,000-square-foot headquarters in Katy by the fall. The site's expansion, which is located at 28350 W. Ten Blvd., Katy, is indicative of the company’s growth and the increased demand for medical supplies, according to a June 22 news release.

“The COVID-19 pandemic was a huge disruptor in the health care supply chain, and hospitals and other providers struggled to secure the necessary supplies needed to keep patients and health care workers safe,” said Valerie Vickrey, managing partner and co-founder of Isikel, in the press release. “Meeting the medical needs of Texans and providing much-needed supply-chain resiliency is our top priority, and this expansion enhances our ability to manufacture and distribute much-needed supplies domestically.”

Isikel secured funding from Cadence Bank to increase the production of nitrile gloves. Once the headquarters is fully operational with the necessary machinery, the business expects to generate nearly 440 million nitrile gloves per year with production of saline solutions coming in the following months.