Real Estate Trend: Affordability, demand of smart homes in Katy rises as wireless technology becomes more common


More Katy-area homebuyers are looking to incorporate technology into their homes, according to Walt Temple of Walt Temple Properties, a West Houston real estate agency. Smart homes offer buyers connectivity between their mobile devices and household functions like thermostat controls, fireplaces, door locks and garages.

“The younger [homebuyers]are more interested in that, whereas [older homebuyers]have our laptops and our cell phones, but we’re not so interested in all the other technology,” Temple said.

Eduardo Meinhardt, owner of IncrediHome Solutions LLC, a company that installs smart home hardware in the Katy area, said he has seen clients from all age ranges contact IncrediHome for consultations. Meinhardt’s Katy-area clients average 52 years in age, he said.

Smart homes do a great deal to make life convenient and save homeowners money by automating things like turning off lights or lowering the thermostat when residents leave their home. Security features can also be automated, such as unlocking and locking doors automatically or motion-activated security cameras, Meinhardt said.

Temple said wireless technology has improved both the affordability and ease of upgrading a home to a smart home compared to five or 10 years ago when hard wiring was a requirement. Meinhardt said homes can be upgraded for a few hundred dollars per room, and custom installation can allow owners to install as much or as little technology as they like.

“New technology is constantly improving, making it easy to reach for the average household,” Meinhardt said.

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