Editor's note: This article was updated to refer to Tammy Ishee and Teri Dunn as the franchise owners of Special Strong Katy.

Starting in May, Planet Fitness in Katy Ranch will partner with Special Strong—an adaptive fitness organization for people with mental, physical and cognitive challenges—to accommodate trainers and clients with its equipment and facilities.

The first iteration of this partnership began in September, with the Planet Fitness club in Conroe. The Planet Fitness club at Katy Ranch Crossing, located at 24547 Katy Freeway, Katy, markets as a "Judgment Free Zone" and aims to create an environment where everyone feels accepted and respected, per the brand’s website.

Special Strong is a faith-based fitness platform which provides personal training, group classes, and mental health and emotional fitness for its clients. According to its website, some benefits of its services include behavior and mood improvement; increased confidence and self-esteem; balance and coordination; and muscular endurance and strength.

According to public relations officials for the organizations, this initiative is near to the heart of Special Strong Katy franchise owners Tammy Ishee and Teri Dunn. The pair have an adopted daughter with Down syndrome and strive to give her access to healthy, routine exercises personalized to her needs. www.planetfitness.com/gyms/katy-tx