Q&A: Get to know Republican candidates running for Texas House District 28 ahead of March primaries

Election day is March 1. (Courtesy Adobe Stock)
Election day is March 1. (Courtesy Adobe Stock)

Election day is March 1. (Courtesy Adobe Stock)

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Courtesy Gary Gates
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Courtesy Rob Boettcher
Editor's note: When this article was originally posted online, it incorrectly stated that there are no Democratic candidates running for Texas House District 28. There is one Democratic candidate, Nelvin J. Adriatico, who is running unopposed.

Two Republican candidates are running for the Texas House District 28 position in the upcoming March primary election.

The Republican candidates are incumbent Gary Gates and Rob Boettcher. The one Democratic candidate running for Texas House District 28, Nelvin J. Adriatico, is running unopposed. The winner in the March primaries will be on the ballot in the November general election. Candidate responses may have been edited for length and clarity.

*Indicates incumbent

*Gary Gates

Experience: I am a businessman who has served one session in the Legislature, and my voting record was right in line with the people of this conservative district.

Occupation: businessman/representative

Website: www.gatesfortexas.com

Contact information: 713-899-7870

Rob Boettcher

Experience: senior engineer in the energy industry, an Eagle Scout, a former precinct chair and serves on the Sugar Land Zoning Board

Occupation: senior engineer

Website: www.robboettcher.com

Contact information: 832-499-8447


Q: What would be your three priorities if you were elected?

Cutting property taxes and securing the border are two of my top priorities. The Biden administration has made the border crisis worse. Meanwhile, they punish Texas with anti-energy decrees and damaging mandates and regulations. Texas must push back. So far, Texas is making it through all this because of our low-tax and pro-business policies which attract businesses and workers from across America, but Texas is key to American energy independence. Don’t hold us back!

Boettcher: Candidate did not submit responses as of press time.

Q: We have a lot of diversity and a lot of development. What will you do to ensure that all of your constituents are represented with Fort Bend County as diverse as it is?

I represent the people of our district by trying to meet them. I have knocked on more than 20,000 doors myself, and asked and answered questions. That is the best way to get a feel for what people want. When I meet folks with a problem with a state agency, I try to help. When they tell me their issue positions, I listen. That is one way I have set the priorities I listed.

Boettcher: Candidate did not submit responses as of press time.

Q: What do you think will be your biggest challenge if you are elected?

Texas is trying to do its part to make America energy independent again. It will be a challenge to get that back. A second challenge is that property taxes are increasing. With inflation from Washington, evaluations will rise. Also, as people move here from states with poor economies to enjoy our free-market economy. That also drives up our property valuations. We must cut property taxes immediately and every year for the next decade.

Boettcher: Candidate did not submit responses as of press time.
By Hunter Marrow
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