Houston Community College will be moving its Katy campus to 22910 Colonial Parkway, Katy, in spring 2022. The new facility is a $55 million investment from HCC and will be more than 125,000 square feet, said HCC President Zachary Hodges during a May 17 presentation to Katy City Council.

Since its inception, HCC had offered freshmen- and sophomore-level courses while the University of Houston offered junior, senior, and graduate courses. Hodges said the new HCC campus will now allow students to “start in Katy and finish in Katy.”

Currently, HCC teaches the academic courses and UH teaches the engineering courses. Students travel to the main UH campus for the last two years of their four year degree. The total cost of a four year degree is less than $25,000.

“It's not easy to drive to the University of Houston main campus. And so now all you'll have to do is go to the Grand Parkway,” Hodges said.

The campus will offer a variety of degrees, including advanced manufacturing, agriculture, horticulture, art and design, artificial intelligence, business, cybersecurity, digital information systems, education and engineering.

Currently, Katy students can be jointly enrolled at UH and HCC in engineering, taking engineering classes in Katy but traveling to the main campus for academic courses.

“So they go here for two years and have to drive down for the last few years to the University of Houston—but that's just for a while [longer], because University of Houston is gonna be offering three new engineering majors right here in Katy,” Hodges said. “So once again you won't have to leave to get an engineering degree.”

The new HCC Katy campus will be across the street from the new UH Katy campus.

HCC plans on having a ribbon-cutting event for the campus early next spring, but it will host a tree-topping event June 25 to commemorate the new facility.