Positive feedback following the 2020 Katy ISD graduation ceremonies at Legacy Stadium has district officials considering keeping the event there in the future.

Due to COVID-19, school districts in Texas were not allowed to host indoor graduations for the class of 2020. KISD opted to host outdoor graduations with limited capacity at Legacy Stadium instead, which resulted in positive feedback from across the district, Superintendent Ken Gregorski said during a discussion item on the topic at the Oct. 26 board meeting.

“There are several pros to that that we’ve discussed in the past. When we’re at Legacy Stadium in a non-COVID[-19] environment where we don’t have to do 50% capacity with seating, we feel we can meet all of our patron’s needs,” Gregorski said. “We’d be able to have graduations there without tickets, everyone can come. There would be no problem with parking and some of the other issues we have at the Leonard Merrell Center with size.”

In the case of inclement weather, the graduation could instead be held at the Leonard Merrell Center or be postponed to the next day, Gregorski said. In the case the ceremony would take place at the Merrell Center, graduates could be issued inclement weather tickets in advance along with parking passes.

“I thought the whole experience was fabulous last year, [with] the bubbles and the drone,” trustee Susan Gesoff said. “I got a lot of feedback from parents who really enjoyed having it outside.”

Trustee Duke Keller also said the spring graduation ceremonies were more festive due to being held outside.

“I appreciate, Dr. Gregorski, you listening to the community because I got a lot of feedback from parents who really enjoyed having it outside,” he said.