The Katy area’s growth is not stopping, and to prepare for additional students, Katy ISD may call a bond referendum in 2020 to help accommodate the growth.

Superintendent Ken Gregorski made the announcement in a speech at the KISD 2019 annual State of the District held Oct. 25 at the Merrell Center, according to a press release. About 250 people attended the event.

“Although the 2017 bond might seem like it was just yesterday, we’ll likely be looking at another bond in 2020,” Gregorski said in the release. “The 2020 bond program should one be approved by our board and community, [and it] would support the district’s ability to continue providing a world class education to the nearly 100,000 students we’re projected to see by 2028.”

At the beginning of the school year, KISD had 81,818 students. Enrollment has grown to 83,258, according to the KISD public dashboard as of Oct. 31. KISD boasts 72 schools but will increase to 74 for the 2021-20 school year with the addition of a new elementary and high school.

KISD voters previously approved a $609.2 million bond in 2017 to fund six new campuses; renovate, repair or expand seven existing campuses; and upgrade technology and security.

In 2014, voters approved a $748.1 million bond to build six new campuses, renovate or expand 11 campuses, and construct Legacy Stadium and the Agriculture Sciences Center.

According an October 2018 presentation by demographics firm Population and Survey Analysts, KISD is the fastest-growing school district in the Greater Houston area and the third fastest growing district in the state based on a numeric gain in students of 2,094 between the 2016-17 and 2017-18 school years.