Katy ISD explores six new attendance boundary line modifications for 2019-20 school year


Katy ISD parents have until Nov. 30 to submit input on the newly proposed attendance boundary modifications for the 2019-20 school year that was presented to trustees at a June 18 work study.

KISD Chief Operations Officer Lee Crews said this year’s process for the boundary line modifications included a standard review of campus capacities and will help prepare the district for the opening of two new schools: Elementary School No. 42 and Junior High School No. 16.

“This [attendance boundary modification]coupled with the opening of these new campuses is intended to provide enrollment relief for Bethke Elementary, Tays Junior High, WoodCreek and Seven Lakes junior high schools,” Crews said.

Parents can provide feedback on three different options for elementary and junior high zoning.

Elementary schools located in the northwest quadrant of the district that could potentially be impacted by the elementary boundary modifications include Bethke, Hutsell, King and Windborn.

Junior high schools located in the northwest quadrant of the district that could potentially be affected are Beck, Cinco Ranch, Seven Lakes, Tays and WoodCreek.

For both sets of options, option 1 is the most preferred by the district’s demographer, Population and Survey Analysts, while option 3 provides for the minimal amount of rezoning, PASA officials said.

Some parents have expressed concern about the proposed changes. KISD parent Kami Brown said she lives within walking distance from Cinco Ranch Junior High, but the options would rezone her children to Beck Junior High.

“I am not against Beck Junior high; I am against moving us away from a close school [that we can walk to]to a school far enough away that would require busing,” Brown wrote in a Facebook post from Community Impact Newspaper. “I think they could have done a better job at the options that would relieve other junior high schools but still keep children zoned to the schools that they are closest too.”

Other parents said they have children that will be affected by the rezoning but did not receive the survey. KISD spokesperson Maria DiPetta said the survey was sent out to parents who could potentially be impacted, but she did not explain why some parents did not receive one.

“If a parent feels they might be in the area affected they can take the survey by going to www.katyisd.org and under the Highlights section they will find the surveys for elementary and junior high,” DiPetta wrote in an email.

Trustee Bill Lacy questioned after this ABM process whether the district would have to make any future adjustments in the area south of I-10.

“By and large this sector of the district should be built out in the short term, and so that’s what we are hoping,” PASA’s chief data analyst Kris Pool said. “We are looking at meeting … spots for 2,000 additional students by 2027, so we might need to make some adjustments along the way. We don’t have any plans for any future facilities in the south after this.”

Trustees will review survey recommendations Sept. 17, and a final recommendation will be considered Dec. 10.

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  1. The writing is on the wall. It looks like my neighborhood will be moving from CRJH to Beck. My kids are currently in 6th and 7th. I’d like to know more information on how the rezoning will be implemented. For example, what happens to kids who are currently in CRJH? Will they be moved to Beck for the Fall of 2019 or (hopefully) would they be grandfathered and stay at CRJH?

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