Katy ISD Superintendent Lance Hindt apologizes to staff for bullying controversy, allegations surrounding district


More than two weeks following the Katy ISD March 19 board meeting where a former classmate of Superintendent Lance Hindt accused him of severe bullying, Hindt released a statement April 2 to KISD staff apologizing for the events that have since ensued.

Greg Barrett, a 53-year-old businessman formerly known as Greg Gay, spoke during the public comments section of the March 19 meeting and accused Hindt of bullying him for his last name and nearly causing him to take his own life while they were in middle school together in 1978 at West Memorial Junior High School in KISD.

Videos of Barrett’s comments to the board went viral—one video garnered more than 1 million views—with news outlets like the Washington Post reporting on the incident.

Hindt said in a statement March 20 that Barrett’s claims “simply were not true,” and that he did not remember him from his childhood.

“I do not suggest that Mr. Barrett was not bullied, only that I was not part of it. Bullying is wrong. Period. It was then and it is today,” Hindt said in the statement. “At Katy ISD, we are always looking for ways to make our campuses and our students safe.  I am proud to lead a district that is not afraid to confront bullying behavior – whether in person or online.”

At the next board meeting March 26, KISD Board President Ashley Vann released a statement announcing the board’s support of Hindt.

“As trustees to our children and their parents, our responsibility is to act on behalf of our community and judge our superintendent based on the totality of his record; his 27 years of service to students and the community as a teacher and administrator; not just on claims of what a 14-year-old boy is alleged to have done 40 years ago,” Vann read. “We stand united with Dr. Hindt today.”

The statement also touched on KISD’s prevention and intervention tactics to address bullying.

Since the March 19 meeting, two petitions have been started calling for Hindt’s resignation, and one has more than 4,000 signatures from KISD parents and community members. Another petition in support of Hindt was also created, and that petition has over 2,000 signatures as of April 4.

ABC reported another former student confirmed the junior high incident involving Barrett. Shortly after, court records surfaced alleging Hindt was involved in a 1983 personal injury lawsuit that left another man with serious injuries. The injuries included a right side skull fracture and several rib fractures that left the man unable to work for three full weeks, according to the court documents.

In a statement released March 27, Katy ISD board President Ashley Vann said the 1983 civil case was fully and finally dismissed, after litigation, with no damages or liability.

“No criminal charges were ever filed. Again, as stated in the March 26 board meeting, the board fully vetted Dr. Lance Hindt and we continue to stand firmly behind him as our superintendent,” Vann said in the statement.

A third round of accusations continued to plague the district after another one of Hindt’s former classmates and now a circuit court judge in Alabama, Circuit Court Judge David Carpenter, alleged Hindt was a bully when they both attended Taylor High School, also in KISD, the Houston Chronicle reported. 

Hindt released a letter to KISD staff April 2 and apologized for the negative attention brought to the district over the last two weeks. Hindt neither confirmed nor denied any of the incidents, and said he is not a perfect person and had to learn from his teenage mistakes.

“As an adult, I believe and I hope that my impact on others has been positive,” Hindt said in the statement. “But I recognize, I am not a perfect person; none of us is. I certainly wasn’t as a teenager, and I am not as an adult. When I was young and dumb–I did dumb things.”

Hindt went on to address the “media storm” that ensued after Barrett’s comments, that according to him, included “unfortunate that half-truths, viral videos, edited tape, false statements, and gotcha moments.”

“Although I do not believe the attacks on our great school district, our school board or me are over, I remain steadfast in my commitment to Katy ISD,” Hindt said in the statement. “I trust that you will judge me based upon who I am today, not the allegations of more than 30+ years ago.”

The Katy ISD Board of Trustees will meet again April 16 at the Education Support Complex, 6301 South Stadium Lane, Katy.

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  1. This could have been handled at the March 19 meeting, but instead of offering an apology and a private meeting with Mr. Bennet. Dr. Hindt instead chose to giggle at his accuser.

    Katy ISD is one of the largest school districts in the state and it deserves professional leadership. The issue here is no longer the question of Dr. Hindt’s bullying or even his violent outburst 30 years ago, now the issue is how does this superintendent respond to challenges within the district. This superintendent has failed and now the school community has to spend valuable time resolving this issue.

  2. Whether it happened 30 years ago or today. It will never be alright. You can’t pretend that it didn’t happen. Own up to your mistakes and accept the consequences. Accept those consequences just like the people that he/you bullied had to accept the pain that the bullying caused them. You’re a grown man act like one. Instead of laughing or brushing it off like it is nothing, you should apologize to those people and try to make it right.

  3. I sincerely hope that Lance is not going to attend, let alone speak at, upcoming Katy ISD graduation ceremonies. When you calculate his total compensation package, Lance costs the taxpayers of Katy ISD, the State of Texas and United States of America approximately $500,000 per year. We are in year two of a five year contract. Surely we can do better. The Board of Trustees needs to wise up. There is no reason to endure this disgraced man for three more years at a cost of $1.5 million.

    • The Board actually renewed his contract until 2023!! The Board must go too! they’re all part of the elite group.

  4. My God! Welcome to consequences, Katy ISD. This is the information age and the fact that you are – in a ludicrous manner – sticking up for a brutalizer is revolting if you want to earn the “A+” in your logo. The (making 6 figures for pretending to be “anti-bully” now) Superintendent Dr. Lance Hindt has NEVER APOLOGISED to the people he brutalized. Never! Any apology has been for the “negative attention” brought to the school board. This pompous, rage-filled brutalizer put someone in a coma, for pity sake! That is NOT a “dumb thing” done in one’s youth; It is a DANGEROUS thing that has yet to be “repented of.” After all, “repent” is the proper vernacular since DOCTOR Hindt says “he will only be judged by ‘God: his Lord and Savior.'” (btw: as a point of reference, someone please let the Superintendent know that the proper statement would have been “Jesus: my Lord and Savior”… he might know that if either truly meant a thing in his life.) This shows badly on your entire school board and if you want to keep this loose cannon, you may want to talk him into apologizing to the PEOPLE he once BULLIED if you actually want anyone to pay attention to your supposedly earnest “anti-bullying campaign.” Revolting all around.

  5. Darko Dimitric

    Get this scumbag out of the office and every high level jackass that supports him!

  6. All I know is my friend’s 9 year old daughter is begging her and her husband to be home-schooled because she is so stressed out from being bullied when she goes to her KISD school… the teachers have been notified of the bullying and yet nothing has been done because “it should work itself out”. I’m not saying it is Hindt’s doing, but obviously bullying is as big an issue today as it was when he was doing it decades ago.

  7. that’s funny: “gotcha journalism”. It’s not “gotcha journalism” when the facts are true and finally exposed. Apologize to Mr Gay now!

  8. Richard Schmidt

    Own up to it and apologize. Save yourself anymore disgrace. Consequences are hell but even more so when you continue to deny what everyone knows is the truth.

  9. As a retired principal and administrator this Superintendent has to go. If the board does not fire him then they must go. Students learn by example and getting rid of this man would demonstrate to the students that there is no place for a bully in school.

  10. Is he still employed? If so, why? He is sub-human at so many levels! And those on the school board that continue to support him … they need to go immediately.

  11. I knew this piece of shit Hindt hasn’t change when he giggled at his former victim. It’s clear he doesnt want to damage his reputation so he giggled as if the accusations against him were made-up stories.

    Sadly, some bullies do not apologize for their past mistakes. Yea, they may have changed for the better but that doesnt mean they have to act as if nothing happened. They must own it

  12. This guy is a POS and deep down he knows what he did. What he’s sorry about is that all his bullying days have come back to haunt him. He’s not sorry he did it, only sorry someone has called him out on it. Get real Katy ISD and stop supporting this clown. Citizens of this area are not stupid and will remember how you acted or didn’t act at the polls. This is a bad actor in the game of life and is only saying NOW that “bullying is bad” but it was fun when he was doing it. He only says he supports anti-bullying so he can get his contract renewed. Come on….really?
    ……You can’t take strips off a zebra and this actor is an embarrassment to our entire community!

  13. And when another student take his/her life because of bullying then the cycle continuous . It trends but nothing really happens. Some colleagues of him has the gut to say “we stand before him and we don’t believe this allegation”. That’s why bullied kids are afraid to stand up and say what is really happening. they have to prove themselves. If he just apologized just like what a religious-found person he is. this would have not been an issue. if he did not laugh and show us that he is “still” the bully that he is. Then this would not have been a problem. And the thing that the school still back him up and keeps on the “allegation” BS thing as their response this shows that this school does not stand against bullying. its in your face “bullying” and they still turned all of their backs and act as if it didn’t happen! as the next student tries to take his/her life lets remember its not only because his classmate/schoolmates are bullies. Even their teacher and “superintendent” are bullies! its the system. the system itself is infested with bullies!

  14. More like Lance "Squindt"

    With a face like that, why wasn’t Lance the one being bullied back in school? I could have made 100 “squished together facial feature” jokes off the top of my head… I mean just LOOK at him. It’s like gravity is much stronger in the center of his face, or something. Like there’s a little black hole in his nose, and it’s slowly pulling his eyes and mouth towards it. Why would anyone need THAT much face real estate for such small features?

    LOL, how’s it feel, LANCE? ^___^

  15. If the local newspapers were any good they would go to the University where Lance played football in the mid-80s and go over the police records. A good investigation would find that Lance was involved with several fights and sexual assaults.

  16. “But I recognize, I am not a perfect person; none of us is.”

    Are you kidding me? This isn’t about him “not being perfect,” this is about being an unapologetic bully. Very few people are those, and yet he continues to choose to be one by refusing to apologize to the people he’s wronged.

    You can’t learn from your mistakes if you never acknowledge them as mistakes.

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