Hit King American Blonde Ale Hit King American Blonde Ale is one of three types they brew named after Pete Rose.[/caption]

Baseball great Pete Rose is the inspiration for a new line of beers from No Label Brewing Co. in Katy, and the first style is now available.

Jennifer Royo, co-founder of the brewery, said Hit King American Blonde Ale is served at the brewery and, in September, will be available at select bars across the Greater Houston region.

Royo said the Hit King American Blonde Ale is similar to a Pilsner with a low level of hops and an alcohol by volume of about 5 percent. The brewery is planning on making several other styles of beer with Rose’s name, she said. It costs $4 at the taproom.

Royo said the blonde ale is an easy drinking beer ideal for hot summer weather.

“We used Cascade hops for a nice clean finish,” she said. “It’s very good; it’s a nice refreshing beer.”