The first phase of renovations to the rice dryer silos located within Katy city limits along Hwy. 90 is on track for a summer grand opening, the new owner of the historic property said. This includes a 33,500-square-foot beer garden, a museum and a gift shop.

Since the first silo was constructed in 1943, The J.V. Cardiff & Sons Rice Dryer has stood formidably as the tallest structure in Katy. Officials with the Katy Heritage Society said they recognize it as a landmark that illuminates a piece of Katy’s economic history.

The silos are no longer used for their original agricultural purpose, but Hadi “Andrew” Nurcahya, the developer who took ownership in late 2020, plans to renovate the space for commercial and recreational use, all while preserving and honoring the history of its founding.

The renovated space has been dubbed “The Dryer.” In addition to the museum and gift shop managed by the Katy Heritage Society, the first phase includes a beer garden and green space with play areas and a miniature train that will loop the 3-acre property. These spaces were created to encourage community use, Nurcahya said.

“It has been two years now since I owned this property for me to really immerse myself in the understanding of what it is and how to best bring this property to the public,” he said. “We got a lot of feedback from a lot of people locally.”

Two separate permits were submitted for the Katy Beer Garden and the Heritage Museum to keep the projects moving forward, Nurcahya said.

Though Nurcahya is hesitant to slow down any momentum for a 2023 grand opening, he said he is still contemplating the second phase of the renovations—a food court and coworking and event space on each floor of the rice dryer’s three stories—due to heightened costs.

“Interest rates right now are north of 7%,” Nurcahya said. “I would like to make a determination [for when to begin Phase 2] when we get closer to completing [Phase 1].”

Restaurants committed to opening on the grounds include Fusion Grill, Taqueria Tex-Taco, El Canton Pizzeria, Jos’Brisket and Noodle & Satay.