On Nov. 7, Typhoon Texas Waterpark and entertainment center announced plans to open a $4 million interconnected water park exclusively for children by summer 2023.

Construction on Typhoon Junior began in mid-October and is estimated to end in April ahead of Memorial Day. It is intended to offer kids a chance to grow with Typhoon Texas as they get older, according to officials.

The park-within-the-park will feature five new water slides for kids under 48 inches tall, all surrounding the Gully Washer attraction—an 800-gallon water bucket and four-story play place for kids ages 3-10. The Rain Fortress play structure has more than 100 spray areas, eight platforms, seven different slides, elevated walkways, rope bridges and a splash pad for children ages 2-4, which will be extended by half an acre once construction is completed.

Matthew Girocco, general manager for Typhoon Texas, said this is the most significant addition the park has seen since it opened in 2016, and it fills a gap that Typhoon Texas’ youngest visitors were missing before.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve the park and be a better place for families to hang out in the summer,” Girocco said. “This helps bridge the gap between our splash pad tots and the preteens who ride the big slides. This gives kids the opportunity to grow up with the park, to come out year after year now that we have filled that space."