Katy Mills completes interior renovations; Phase 2 expected to be done in 2019


Earlier versions of this post incorrectly said that the Katy Mills renovation project was a multibillion-dollar project. The Katy Mills Mall renovation project was a multimillion-dollar project.

Phase 1 of three phases in the Katy Mills renovation project is done, Katy Mills General Manager James Ross said.

The multimillion-dollar development was announced by Simon Properties, the real estate leader who owns Katy Mills, in spring 2018. Its goal is to transform the 20-year-old shopping center into a more modern space with a brighter atmosphere and a new color scheme, Simon representatives told Community Impact Newspaper last year.

“We listened to our shoppers and recently completed a massive interior renovation to improve the shopping experience and solidify Katy Mills as a source of pride to the community,” Ross said. “Our new, modern, bright and upscale look has been positively received with extra applause for our interactive Disney Jr. play area, beautiful movie theater courtyard and upgraded holiday decor.”

Before a movie, Ross said guests can reserve upgraded reclined leather seats, and adults over 21 can go to the new McGuffin’s Bar for a drink to enjoy during the show.

“We are finalizing details for our exterior improvements with expected start and completion dates within 2019,” Ross said. “Stay tuned for a special exterior announcement. “We have more in store in celebration of our 20th anniversary.”

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  1. It won’t mean squat if the don’t add more police presence due to the growing number of vehicle break-ins and cutomers being ribbed in the parking lots .

    • They’re putting a substation in. There is already a space for it but it was not needed at the time as the area was not as populated, and our police could make short call times. They are cleaning it up and making it functional. You can visit the City of Katy website and other information to find out more. It has actually been mentioned in the mayoral election taking place right now as well. The city council also made Simon malls do these necessary improvements for the betterment of our community.

  2. It won’t mean squat if they don’t add more police presence due to the growing number of vehicle break-ins and cutomers being robbed in the parking lots .

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