Houston-based Pyek Group, which manages Typhoon Texas, is expanding its brand and territory, according to a Nov. 12 press release from the Pyek Group. The firm, which has one park in Katy and another in north Austin, has “formed a new entity to own and manage” the properties, according to the release.

The firm is expanding its portfolio after investing in a new Nevada-based partnership to own the Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas and Cowabunga Bay water parks. The new partnership will operate both parks in the 2022 season under the Cowabunga brand, according to the release, and Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas will reopen as Cowabunga Canyon.

"It makes sense to create synergy under the same Cowabunga brand since both waterparks will be owned and operated by the same company," Pyek Group President Evan Barnett said.

The 22-acre Cowabunga Canyon, formerly Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas, originally opened in 2013, and the 23-acre Cowabunga Bay opened in 2014. Typhoon Texas opened its Katy waterpark in 2016 and later acquired a park in north Austin, which opened as Typhoon Texas in 2017.

"We are excited to bring the management philosophy and culture that has contributed to the success of our Typhoon Texas waterparks," Barnett said. "We understand what's necessary to create a clean, safe and family-friendly entertainment destination."

According to the release, Pyek Group is hiring for various positions at all four waterparks, as well as corporate positions. Seasonal hiring begins in early 2022.