The city of Katy said goodbye to city secretary Melissa A. “Missy” Bunch at the Oct. 28 meeting. She held this position for the past 13 years.

Bunch has worked with the city for 38 years, City Administrator Byron Hebert said. Before her appointment as a city secretary in 2006, Bunch served the Katy community by working with the city’s engineer’s office and then as an assistant city secretary.

“Missy, this is not on the agenda but thank you so much for all of the years you have given to this community,” Katy Mayor Bill Hastings said. “We love you and we are going to miss you.”

Katy Mayor Pro Tem Chris Harris congratulated Bunch on her retirement and expressed his appreciation for Bunch’s willingness to help him learn about the city.

“You’ve taught me a lot,” he said.

Council Member Janet Corte went on to express her appreciation during council member reports, too.

“Missy I just want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me in the last year and a half,” she said. “From the first day I met you you’ve been more than helpful. You’ve answered all my questions.”

Council Member Frank O. Carroll highlighted Bunch’s role in ensuring free and fair elections in the city, a role that goes beyond reading agenda items at city council meetings.

“The city secretary’s office is one of those offices that people don’t understand you are responsible for making sure [the city] has free and fair elections in the state, one of the highest responsibilities that any government employee or any official should have,” he said.

Becky L. McGrew was appointed as Katy’s new city secretary.

The council welcomed McGrew, and several council members stated they knew they were in good hands.

“You’ve left us with a city secretary’s office that is second to none, and that is a testimony to the pride and dedication you served in your office,” Carroll said. “Thank you for training your replacement, giving us a seamless transition. You’ve done an extraordinary job. Thank you so much for that.”

Becky McGrew was welcomed by Katy City Council as the new city secretary.[/caption]

Other agenda items addressed by the council:

Katy City Council approved a new drainage project. The council awarded a bid of $1,107,469 to Cooley Construction, LLC for Phase II of the Pitts Road detention pond, an item previously tagged by Council Member Janet Corte at the Oct. 14 meeting.

The total project cost is $1,325,325.90 and includes surveying and inspection, bid amount, contingencies and engineering.

Also, the council thanked Katy Police Chief Noe Diaz and other police officers for their service in honor of First Responders Day

"We appreciate you guys for everything you do," Council Member Durran Dowdle said. “And yes, every day is first responders day. Noe, you said it accurately. Thank you for doing it every day.”

Lastly, the city authorized a change to change the total contract amount for the Pine Forest drainage project by $23,506.06 and the total amount will now be $3,754,230.25.