The Katy City Council unanimously approved a measure to enact a local mitigation planning team that will be responsible for reviewing and updating the city’s emergency plans in cooperation with Harris County. The six city staff appointed to the mitigation planning team will be responsible for reviewing and updating Katy’s portion of the Harris County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Action Plan.

“This is the 5-year update of the hazard mitigation plan,” said Emergency Management Coordinator Greg Goedecker.

Goedecker said the team will conduct a detailed hazard risk assessment and assess plans, strategies and ordinances already in place related to emergency management. They will also identify hazard mitigation projects the city is currently undertaking and identify projects the city should pursue.

The team will consist of Goedecker, Assistant Public Works Director Jason Rivera, Public Works Director Elaine Lutringer, Code Enforcement Officer Cindy Kuykendall, City Planner Anas Garfaoui and City Engineer David Leyendecker, according to city documents.

Mayor Chuck Brawner said this is the first time the plan has been updated since 2013, and he expects the project to take about six months.

"The team has been selected, [and they are] all internal. It’s people that work here.” said Mayor Chuck Brawner. “Our new emergency management coordinator has got the background to get it done.”