Texas Heritage Parkway connecting Fulshear, Katy subdivisions

Texas Heritage Parkway will connect Fulshear and west Katy subdivisions to highwaysA new connector road is planned near several residential developments in the west Katy area. Fort Bend County will build the Texas Heritage Parkway from I-10 southward beyond FM 1093 in partnership with developers.

The project is expected to be completed by 2020, and the cities of Fulshear and Katy are working with developers and the county. Developers are covering 50 percent of the costs and donating rights of way on their properties to the project, according to Fort Bend County Judge Robert Hebert and attorney Richard Muller.

“Most importantly, the goal is to accelerate this project and build it now, rather than wait a decade, which is how long it could take without this public-private partnership,” Muller said.

He represents nine landowners along the project route, which runs from I-10 at Pederson to McKinnon roads. Texas Heritage Parkway will span 6.4 miles and take approximately eight minutes to travel fully, Muller said.

The project will cost more than $48.8 million to build. Features will include a 200-foot-wide parkway with two lanes in either direction, separated by a landscaped median. Landscaping is planned on either side of the project as well.

The design includes pedestrian tunnels under the roadways in all travel directions. Additional features include 10 roundabouts to facilitate uninterrupted traffic flow, and eliminate traffic lights and overpasses, Muller said.

The project will cross the Cooper Cameron, Katy Creek Estates, Young Ranch, Jordan Tract, Tammaron, Henriksen and Cross Creek Ranch properties.  Additional portions of the roadway will run parallel to property owned by Harrison Interests Ltd., with sections within Katy and Fulshear city limits.

The project will be 80 feet wider than required, allowing for a regional trail system that allows pedestrians and cyclists to travel without needing to cross a roadway, according to project documents.

Texas Heritage Parkway will connect Fulshear and west Katy subdivisions to highwaysProject design is underway and should last approximately 10 months overall. Once the designs are approved, construction will take about two years, Muller said.

Katy City Council voted July 10 to pay about $5.5 million for Texas Heritage Parkway while the city of Fulshear will contribute about $5.7 million for the roadway. Fort Bend County and Fulshear will also provide logistical support while the county manages procurement and offers other expertise, Hebert said.

He added the county will cover Fulshear’s share of costs up front due to the city’s budget restrictions, and Fulshear will reimburse the county. Most of the project is within Fort Bend County limits except for a portion from just south of Kingsland Boulvard to I-10, which will be within Waller County limits.

Texas Heritage Parkway will connect Fulshear and west Katy subdivisions to highwaysThe project’s name has changed over time and was included in Fort Bend County’s 2013 mobility bond as the Fulshear Parkway.

Companies contributing to the project include CCR Texas Holdings, Fort Bend Jordan Ranch, RH of Texas, M/I Homes of Houston, Beazer Homes of Texas, BFH Mining, D.R. Horton-Texas, Harrison Interests and the Ronald W. Henriksen trusts, Muller said.

After contributions from the cities of Katy and Fulshear, Fort Bend County will ultimately be responsible for about a third of the project’s costs, Hebert said.

“It’s unique to be in a position for landowners to cooperate to get something like this built,” Hebert said.