Name: Wiliam “Bill” Lacy

Bill Lacy

Time in Katy: 21 years

Occupation: Mortgage banker

Contact info: 832-875-5229,

If elected, what would your top three priorities be? How would you implement them?


As a Trustee, our priorities should always revolve around our students. We should look to improve the opportunities available to them and ensure they are college or workforce ready.


Our teachers need to spend more time teaching and less time on state and national mandated testing. We should focus on issues important to the teaching process and allow our teachers to do their job.


Lower taxes should be our goal and as a trustee, I would work to reduce spending and taxation wherever possible. We should never forget that it’s the taxpayers money and we have been entrusted to spend it wisely.

As a trustee and a member of the board, I will work to put policies into place that will move these issues forward. Working with the superintendent and his staff, the board can provide direction and set policies and goals so our expectations for performance are met.

What are the most important financial and budgetary issues KISD should address?


Board members should have a better understanding of the district’s finances and with my background I can add another level of understanding to their toolkit. I will look for ways to reduce our debt in a timely manner and impress upon my fellow board members the importance of getting more out of each dollar.


With questions regarding state funding, the board must always look for ways to tighten the district’s belt. We will face challenges and the board is responsible for approving contracts. We need to ensure that those contracts are in the best interest of the district and it’s bottom line.


Like other fast-growing districts, we must manage our growth without overbuilding the district. Bonds are necessary but we should fully understand what is needed and continue to have a long-range plan to meet demand.

How does your experience qualify you to be a member of the KISD board of trustees?

I am a financial professional who has experienced the fantastic growth of our district in my personal and professional life. My family has graduates from Taylor High School, Cinco Ranch High School and Katy High School. As a mortgage lending professional, I have seen the impact of skyrocketing valuations and how our families have had to adjust.

I believe I will bring a new viewpoint to the board and can be a valuable asset to our community through oversight and tightening of our tax dollars.



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