Q & A with the candidates: Candace Perkins


Name: Candace Perkins

Candace Perkins

Time in Katy: 2 years, 9 months

Occupation: Stay-at-home mom

Contact info: 210-259-5163, candaceyelvington@yahoo.com

If elected, what would your top three priorities be? How would you implement them?

My top priority would be to help get the teachers the support they need. By proposing to raise their wages, provide them with the opportunity and time off allowed for specialized trainings and workshops. Helping the schools with inclusivity management, and forming stronger bonds between the teachers, and staff at our schools. When they have the support they need, and can work together in a cohesive unit, the benefits to our children are immeasurable.

What are the most important financial and budgetary issues KISD should address?

Underpaying our teachers.

How does your experience qualify you to be a member of the Katy ISD board of trustees?

I believe that my experience being a PTA board member and a parent in general, qualify me to be a board member because I have both an outsiders perspective and one from the inside. I see things from a parents point of view of what we want and need for our children, as well as from the teachers point of view on areas where they may be struggling or could use extra support.


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