Since it opened in September 2020, Spa World has been attracting visitors from all over the state, said Phillip Phan, Spa World’s sales and events manager. As the first Korean spa in the Katy-area, Spa World offers many traditional services, such as saunas and body treatments—but it also has more modern offerings, such as virtual golf, a movie theater and karaoke. According to Phan, the amenities and attractions aim to meet Spa World’s slogan, "more than you expected”.

“Essentially, it’s just all of the amenities you need to really make a home away from home,” Phan said.

When guests arrive at Spa World, they pay admission before removing their shoes and heading into the sex-separated bath and locker area where guests can rinse off and relax before putting on the Spa World uniform, consisting of loose cotton shorts and a matching T-shirt. Once in the uniform, guests are free to explore the two-story facility.

Some guests begin their Spa World experience in one of its various saunas, such as the Fire Dome—a traditional Korean sudatorium, meaning a vaulted sweating room. That sauna—the hottest at the spa—reaches temperatures of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Other rooms include the Hot Jade Room, the Yellow Ocher Clay Rooms, the Himalayan Salt Room, the Arctic Room, the Forest Room, the Pyramid Room and the Far Infrared Wave Room. Each room offers its own holistic benefits, such as rejuvenation, relaxation, detoxification and more, Phan said.

“Normally when you go into a spa, it’s more like: hair, nails—it’s a glam day, essentially,” Phan said. “At Spa World, we’re more focused on health and wellness.”

Other attractions include lounge areas, an outdoor terrace, a Korean restaurant, a cafe and a bar—located near the virtual golf and karaoke areas. Other amenities, such as acupuncture, massages and body scrubs, are available for an extra fee.

Children of Spa World guests can enjoy Kid’s World, with the first hour free. Children under the age of 5 require supervision by a guardian, but Kid’s World will supervise children ages 6 through 10. The play area features a variety of slides, climbing equipment and a ball pit. The Kid’s World attraction is also available for non-spa guests on a first-come, first-served basis.

In the future, management hopes to extend Spa World’s hours to 24/7, mirroring other Korean spas.

Spa World offers a variety of services—such as treatments and massages—that can be scheduled during a visit. While admission includes use of the facilities, services have an additional cost.

Spa World

929 Westgreen Blvd., Katy


Hours: Mon.-Sun. 10 a.m.-10 p.m.