A few things have changed at No Label Brewing Co. since it sold its first barrel of beer in December 2010, co-founder Jennifer Royo said.

The business sells to-go beer from the taproom and switched from bottles to cans. A playground and bathrooms were added, and the layout was rearranged. The brewery also produces a larger variety of beers.

“Our head brewer wanted to do small, experimental batches at the taproom, such as our peanut butter and chocolate beer,” Jennifer said. “Things you can only get here.”

She, her husband, Brian, and his parents founded the brewery together over a few glasses of Brian’s homebrewed beer, Jennifer said.

The name No Label was a running family joke because Brian would peel off beer labels while drinking, but the name also represents a mindset that anyone—no labels needed—can drink their beer, Jennifer said.

“Brian said when we started, ‘I want to make beers everyone can enjoy, beer for everyone,’” she said.

No Label sells about 15 beers on tap, and about five brews can be found at grocery stores, Jennifer said. Single 32-ounce cans of beers that are not sold in stores can also be purchased at the business. And beginning in mid-July, No Label began selling kegs of beer.

The brewery also hosts events. In addition to weekly nights of yoga, trivia and music, No Label hosts about two community events a month, such as fundraisers and festivals.

“When we started, we wanted to give back to the community,” Jennifer said. “As we did more events, we became a place where people knew they could come here to raise money. It’s a win-win situation: They raise money while new people come to the brewery.”

In the next six months, Jennifer said No Label plans to make a few more upgrades. The taproom will be outfitted with an air-conditioning unit, and there are plans to convert a storage facility into a private event venue.

“We’re getting more creative and staying true to how we started,” Jennifer said.

No Label Brewing Co.

5351 First St., Katy
Taproom hours: Mon.-Fri. 3-10 p.m., Sat. noon-10 p.m., Sun. noon-6 p.m.