The total number of homes sold in seven Katy- and Fulshear-area ZIP codes decreased in April compared to April 2023.

There were 632 homes sold in seven local ZIP codes in April versus 668 for the same month last year. However, it was more than in March, which saw 589 homes sold.

Five local ZIP codes saw the number of homes sold decline year over year, with the biggest decrease in ZIP code 77449 with a 32.8% decline. However, the other two ZIP codes—77441 and 77450—saw increased homes sales of 19%-21%.
Of the total 632 homes, homes in the $250,000-$449,999 price range sold the most frequently, with 355 homes—followed by 171 homes in the $450,000-$649,999 range. Additionally, the median home sales price varied year over year, with the most increase, 10%, being seen in the 77441 ZIP code in Fulshear.
Meanwhile, the average number of days homes spent on the market varied between ZIP codes, with homes selling slower year over year in four ZIP codes. Homes, on average, spent the most time on the market in the same 77441 Fulshear ZIP code with 87 days.