Residents with diabetes in Fort Bend County will have a new resource for navigating the disease.

The big picture

In conjunction with the Institute for Spirituality and Health at the Texas Medical Center, Fort Bend County Health and Human Services has entered into a memorandum of understanding, or MOU, to offer the Faith & Diabetes Initiative in the county. Fort Bend County commissioners approved the MOU at their June 25 meeting.

According to the Institute for Spirituality and Health website, the nonprofit hosts the Congregational Health Leadership Training Program, which teaches leaders in faith communities how to address health issues, including diabetes. The initiative focuses on six themes, including:
  • Diabetes self-management and treatment
  • Diabetes prevention and awareness
  • Religious belief, practice and health
  • Leadership and communication
  • Evaluation techniques and principles
  • Peer support strategies
The program is a part of the Cities for Better Health-Houston, a program working to address and provide resources for those with diabetes, obesity and overall health in the Houston area, according to agenda documents.

The conditions

According to agenda documents, some provisions of the MOU include:
  • The county must plan and execute at least four Faith & Diabetes cohorts in faith- and community-based settings.
  • The county is responsible for all logistics, including class space, providing facilitators and marketing classes.
  • The institute will provide all materials, including facilitator items, participant manuals and toolkits for each cohort.
  • The institute will provide the county with $500 after each completed cohort, up to six total. Funds are distributed after the final class and focus group have been completed.
Going forward

Although it has not yet been announced when and where the classes will take place, the county is required to hold at least four cohorts with six classes each.

The agreement expires on June 30, 2025, according to agenda documents.