To fulfill the requirements of the North Fort Bend Water Authority’s conservation program, the city of Fulshear created a Leadership Water Conservation Committee, which will meet monthly to discuss how the city can encourage water conservation efforts.

The gist

At a May 21 meeting, Fulshear City Council adopted a resolution to create the committee. The committee will consist of three council members, including Jason Knape, Abhijeet Utturkar and Patrick Powers, plus a community liaison, who council directed Mayor Aaron Groff to appoint by the May 31 application deadline.

Council previously directed city staff to move forward with creating the committee at a May 14 special meeting.

Digging in

In addition to the committee, the NFBWA’s program also requires the city participate in water conservation programs. The city of Fulshear has elected to participate in:
  • Providing high water user notifications
  • Allowing residents access to a smart meter portal to monitor their water usage
  • Providing community collaboration opportunities, including presentations at the Community Farmers Market and City Council meetings
The city must also choose an ongoing project to promote conservation, according to the 2024 Water Provider Conservation Program Guide. The city is undergoing a $1.02 million upgrade of water meters, which will meet this requirement, and is expected to complete the project in December 2025, Public Works Director Sharon Valiante said.

Why it matters

The city’s participation in the 2024 Water Conservation Program will allow the city to receive a $0.10 pumping rebate per 1,000 gallons of water used for 2025, upon successful completion of the program.

“In the past, we have gotten anywhere from $50,000 a year to $75,000 a year in rebates,” Valiante said at the May 14 meeting.

Looking ahead

Before the application can be sent to the NFBWA, Groff must appoint the community liaison.

If community members are interested, Groff said to reach out to himself or the city secretary's office at 281-346-1796 by May 28. Council members can also provide recommendations to the mayor.

“I’m happy to talk to anybody and everybody that is interested in this role—this is an important piece of the puzzle,” he said.