As part of an upcoming roadway assessment, roads in Fulshear will be prioritized by improvement needs.

About the project

At a March 19 meeting, Fulshear City Council approved a $220,190 contract with KSA Engineers for a citywide Roadway Condition Assessment.

The assessment will evaluate roadways citywide with the goal of creating a five-year capital improvement plan for a roadway maintenance program, creating a list of prioritized projects. The assessment was previously done in 2019, which officials said created a baseline. The new assessment will show the wear-and-tear level of the roads.

To determine road conditions, KSA Engineers will collect field data with a truck-mounted camera with the ability to sense, categorize and quantify surface distress on 128 miles of local roadways, according to agenda documents.

What else?

The project will also develop a Pavement Condition Index, a method developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that will assign a score from 0 to 100 for each pavement section based on the remaining life of the pavement, according to agenda documents.

In addition, the project will complete a sign and pavement marking inventory and city sidewalks condition report.

What to expect

The assessment is expected to begin immediately and will conclude in early 2025.