Fort Bend County voters have one final chance March 5 to make their voice heard in the 2024 primary elections for several races, including presidential, statewide and county races.

Here’s what voters should know about voting in Fort Bend County on election day.

By the numbers

Almost 60,000 Fort Bend County voters cast their votes during early voting Feb. 20-March 1, with Republicans showing high turnouts with 34,113 voters, according to early voting totals.
Up for election

The ballot will consist of multiple races including those at the federal, state and local levels.

Federal highlights include the selection of candidates for Republican and Democratic parties in the presidential election as well as statewide races, including several U.S. Texas House and Senate seats.

At the county level, voters will get to select a county sheriff and attorney, precinct constables, and county commissioner seats, according to Fort Bend County’s website.

Visit for more information on what’s on the ballot.

At the polls

Voting will open at 74 locations in Fort Bend County from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. March 5, according to Fort Bend County’s website.

Voters should bring at least one of seven forms of appropriate identification options to the polls, including a Texas drivers license, personal ID card, handgun license, military ID card or U.S. passport.