Patrons can dive into a sea of Asian-flavored seafood at Katy’s new 89 Crab Seafood.

The gist

With an original location in Bellaire, 89 Crab Seafood officials have expanded the eatery’s reach. It is now one of Katy’s few Asian-owned crawfish spots, Media Manager Kris Nguyen said.

“Our recipes started with our family’s traditional recipes,” Nguyen said. “From there, we were able to add our own little touches and remixes to it.”

The Bellaire location, called 88 Boiling, is at 1910 Wilcrest Drive, Houston.

On the menu

The menu features crawfish, crab, lobster, mussels and shrimp, among other seafood dishes, Nguyen said.

Beyond seafood, the menu also offers other Asian cuisine, including fried rice and desserts such as mango sticky rice.