Nice Birdie, a locally owned indoor golf venue and bar, is one of the newest entertainment-related businesses swinging into Katy.

The details

At Nice Birdie, patrons can pay by the hour to test their swing at six golfing simulators programmed with about 185 courses, owner Lane Kim said. Golf clubs are available for rental, but the business recommends patrons bring their own, according to the website.

“I think what really sets us apart from other simulators is not just the quality of graphics but how accurate it is,” she said. “It gives very rich data after every shot you make, like slow motion of your form, the swing analysis and all that. So that's very useful for serious golfers who really want to refine their swing.”

Virtual arcade-style games are also available on the simulators to attract all players, Kim said.

What else?
  • Nice Birdie offers private lessons and hosts golfing league events for youths, men and women.
  • The bays have a feature that adjusts to simulate what it feels like to be hitting in the sand or rough grass.
  • Monthly memberships are available.
Its menu has Korean dishes, including a scallion pancake, kimbaps and beef dumplings. (Courtesy Nice Birdie)
Its menu features some Korean dishes, including a scallion pancake, kimbaps and beef dumplings. (Courtesy Nice Birdie)
On the menu

Nice Birdie's menu features Korean dishes, including scallion pancakes, kimbaps and beef dumplings, as well as popular bar foods, such as wings and fries, Kim said. The venue also offers craft beer, wine, seltzers and nonalcoholic beverages.

In the future, she said she hopes to continue expanding food options to include items, such as tacos and burgers, to make the menu more accessible to children.

The backstory

Kim said her family has a history of managing restaurants in Wisconsin, and they wanted to branch out into opening a sports entertainment venue.

"The whole family loves golf, so that helped too," she said.