At a March 27 City Council meeting, Katy officials approved $48,980 for the design portion of four minor street repair projects around the city. In total, the cost estimate for the four projects is $377,867.

Brookline Road repairs

The city will make small pavement repairs to Brookline Road, a two-lane deteriorating concrete street, per city documents. City engineers predict replacing the project will improve two-way traffic.
  • Timeline: TBD-October 2023
  • Cost: $69,000
Morton Road asphalt repairs

This project will see asphalt repairs to Morton Road west of Buffalo Bayou bridge, adding new paving before construction begins on the Morton Road widening between Pitts and Katy Hockley roads in fall 2024.
  • Timeline: TBD-October 2023
  • Cost: $103,270
McAllister Road culvert repair

This project will replace a pair of existing 24-inch reinforced concrete culvert pipes that cross the road east of Tubular Drive.
  • Timeline: TBD-October 2023
  • Cost: $55,430
Spring Green Boulevard at FM 1463

ARKK Engineers said Spring Green Boulevard has cracks and potholes in the northbound travel lanes near FM 1463. Repairs will replace portions of the asphalt with reinforced concrete.
  • Timeline: TBD-October 2023
  • Cost: $150,167