Fort Bend County stakeholders, including industry leaders, workforce organizations, higher education institutions and chambers of commerce officials, have established the Texas Advanced Cyber Tech & Innovation Collaborative.

TACTIC's goal is the development of new technology, provision of AI and data analytics, and cybersecurity training and education to cultivate a highly skilled workforce, according to a Sept. 22 news release.

How it happened

Stakeholders in the Fort Bend County area with expertise in advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity have recently collaborated to apply for the creation of a technology hub in the county.

TACTIC brings together several entities, including local governments; industry leaders, such as Shell, NVIDIA and AT&T; economic development organizations; higher education institutions; and workforce training organizations.

TACTIC aims to serve as a model for such hubs on a national and global scale, with a focus on advancing and safeguarding the region's technological capabilities, according to the release.

Zooming out

The Greater Southwest Houston region ranks highly in the Innovation Index.The Global Innovation Index, published by the World Intellectual Property Organization annually, ranks countries based on their innovation capacity and success.

The release states this highlights the region’s readiness to adapt to evolving industry demands and create sustainable, technologically advanced communities.

Officials touted the collaborative effort as having potential to position the region as a global leader in advanced technology and cybersecurity.