Amid equipment failures at several Katy water plants and a $1.25 million rehabilitation project that has one of the city’s major water production facilities offline, council members approved a temporary on-site water tank and work needed to operate it at a June 12 meeting.

The details

The total cost to connect the temporary water tank to a water well at the plant is estimated at $60,236. The work includes:
  • The delivery of the on-site tank, which has been completed
  • The installation of temporary piping
  • Electrical work to ensure the well’s on-off operation remains automated
  • The relocation of the existing chlorine tap used to purify and disinfect the water
City Engineer David Kasper encouraged the continued use of at least one of the plant’s water wells in a June 6 memo to the Public Works Director Elaine Lutringer—referencing the drought Katy experienced in summer 2022.

The tank rehabilitation process is projected to conclude in the fall, Kasper wrote.

How we got here

Rehabilitation at Water Plant No. 6, located on Highway Boulevard, began in November and was initially estimated to conclude in May. The plant is able to process 1.5 million gallons of drinking water a day for Katy residents.

The rehabilitation includes:
  • Removing and recoating the interior and exterior of both tanks
  • Conducting mechanical repairs
  • Replacing a large section of the tank floor and underlying materials
  • Recoating the yard piping and an on-site building
  • Installing safety climb devices at three other nearby elevated water tanks in the city
Related highlights

Other work to maintain water plants around the city was also approved at the June 12 meeting—totaling $88,551.

These include a new $67,514 meter reader base station at the Cane Island Water Tower and $21,037 for emergency repairs at a wastewater treatment plant located on the Katy Freeway.

The next Katy City Council meeting is June 26.