Editor's note: This article was updated with additional information provided by the district regarding the role of the student welfare administrator.

Katy ISD plans to designate an administrator role on each campus as the point of contact responsible for processing staff notifications regarding the recently passed gender policy, according to official communication.

Cases of students expressing themselves as any other gender than their birth identity are expected to be reported in accordance with the new policy passed 4-3 by the board Aug. 28. The policy, which was vocally opposed by a majority of the parents, teachers, students and members of the public who addressed the board prior to the vote, also sparked protests by students in the days following the passage.

What happened

A notice was sent to all district personnel via email in the days following the approval, which emphasizes parental authority on all matters regarding gender fluidity.

“District staff will notify parents if their child requests he or she be identified as transgender, change his or her name, or use different pronouns at school,” according to the statement.

The details

Each campus's designated student welfare administrator will be responsible for the policy points listed in the statement that reads as follows:
  • "Biological females and males and sex-specific spaces are safeguarded."
  • "Facilities such as bathrooms, locker rooms and changing facilities are separated by biological sex."
  • "The pronouns used for persons on campus are consistent with the biological sex of the person."
  • "Gender fluidity content is excluded from the classroom and instructional materials."
  • "District staff will not diagnose or treat gender dysphoria and will respect the right of the parent to determine what is best for the welfare of their child."
Each campus's principal or one to two student welfare administrators will evaluate information shared with them and determine if parental contact is required per the new policy, according to a statement from KISD.

What they’re saying

Director of Communications Craig Eichhorn said via email Sept. 6 that no new position would be added in order to carry out the policy implementation.

“This is not a new position, nor a repurposed position. There is no added cost. This is taking an existing administrator on the campus and assigning this duty to the person already on staff. That way each campus has one specific person to handle all the communication,” Eichhorn wrote.